Tesseract Methane VR 360 Is a Great VR Headset

Tesseract Methane VR 360 is the company’s first 360-degree VR-based gadget. The Methane 360 VR camera rotates around a fixed axis and captures multiple photographs. It is packed with optional onboard 3D sensors, which help in creating automatic floor plans and layouts.

The device is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor and with single charge it can take up to  200 12-megapixel spherical images. The device also had onboard WiFi. Here is some extra information about the headset which we managed to gather. 

Build Quality

The Tesseract Methane VR 360 is made from aerospace grade aluminum to give a smooth finish. The company has made the device concentrating mainly on the B2B sector. Real-estate, Travels and Hotels are the main regions where the company is planned to sell its products. With this device, the consumers can view their destination is 3D before actually going there.

Tesseract Methane VR 360 2 Tesseract Methane VR 360 3


The price of the device varies depending upon the order quantity. The price per device could go as low as Rs 50,000 for orders more than 50 pcs to up to 1.5 lakh per pcs for 3D sensor feature enabled device. As mentioned earlier, this device is not for individual use unless you have much savings to get it for personal use. 

Tesseract is a Mumbai based startup established in 2013. Kshitij Marwah, Tesseract co-founder said, “Housing, CommonFloor, NestAway, Oyo were our first customers. Then we expanded to the US.” He added, “I went to meet a major CEO of a major real-estate portal, and he did not believe that this was done in India. Some asked if we had deployed it in the US before they wanted to work with us. Now we’ve reached a stage where we are pretty confident about India’s manufacturing abilities for startups. The product is in the market, people are using it, now we are going to talk more about it.”

The device has a wide array of applications since VR is an attractive field to develop new products. Its competitors are similar devices like Matterport, Bublcam etc.