Fallout 4 Goes to Rock Band

This year, we all made a trip to the wasteland in Fallout 4. Quite frankly, we were not able to start playing the game as soon as it dropped due to a few issues. Fallout 4 has garnered mixed reviews, but what the game does have is a ton of merchandise. We reported about a bit of the merch available before the game dropped but now even more is available.

There is enough stuff that can help you survive in the wasteland if there is a nuclear apocalypse knocking on your door tomorrow. There are sneakers, Pip-boys, cola and the valuable currency of the wasteland Nuka cola caps. Even if these aren’t enough, the Fallout 4 merchandise is doing cross platforming and making appearances in other games as well.

Fallout 4 DLC

Recently, Harmonix, the makers of the famous band simulation game Rockband 4, have announced that Fallout Vault dwellers’ outfits will be available as free DLC for the game. It is a rather interesting cross over, and they have nothing in common apart from the number 4 in their titles.

Anyway, the news is that your virtual band members can now be dressed in Fallout 4 vault 111 attire. Well, if you had dreamt of rocking as a vault dweller, the free DLC drops on the 8th of December for the PS4 and Xbox One. There’s a new song pack available now if you are a fan of the rock band Van Halen. Remember the song ‘Jump’?

Keep rocking, dwellers of Vault 111! Hopefully, those rad roaches and bloat flies are not giving you any trouble.