Watch a Range Rover Driving Over a Paper Bridge

The Range Rover has reached its 45th anniversary, and to celebrate it, the company decided to do something weird. Land Rover decided to accomplish the feat of a Range Rover driving over a paper bridge, and they seemed to accomplish it successfully.

Steve Messam was the designer who took up the challenge. He built the paper bridge in the Jiangsu Province of China. China is known for its origami and paper sculptures, and hence, we believe that this location was chosen with a good reason.

Range Rover Driving over paper bridge 1

The video of a Range Rover driving over a paper bridge was posted on the company’s YouTube channel. The paper bridge was constructed using several sheets of paper. These sheets were packed together and the structure of the bridge was made using a ramp, which was later removed.

The paper bridge was quite strong enough to hold the Range Rover and bear its weight, against all odds. Though many people did not witness the act in person, the video is quite interesting to watch. The focus is more on the paper bridge than the Range Rover, but the company’s marketing team must have done this to gather some attention. We guess they achieved what they want.