Volkswagen Diesel Emission Scandal Fix Revealed

The Volkswagen diesel emission scandal fix has been finally revealed. In an effort to increase transparency in the process and gain more customer trust, the German carmaker has resorted to accepting its mistake and has posted a video on YouTube. Volkswagen was in a huge fix a few months back for cheating diesel emissions.

According to the video, the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal fix revealed now will only apply to EA 189 engines. This is the code name used by the firm to identify 1.6-liter and 2-liter engines, which come in most passenger cars. The 3-liter engines will be fixed with a help of a software update, since they belong to the higher end.

VW has also mentioned that the current fix will be available only for European models. Since VW was convicted in the USA, European countries also found that the company was cheating emissions. The German carmaker has proposed a fix which can be simply explained.

Volkswagen diesel emission scandal fix

This is how the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal fix will be done. Since most engines these days are controlled by an ECU (Engine Control Unit), Volkswagen will have to tweak both the engine and the software. VW has revealed that it will install a flow transformer. This engine component will regulate the air flowing into the mass flow sensor.

The mass flow sensor is used to determine the air flow entering the engine, and controls fuel injection accordingly. This will substantially reduce the emission problems that Volkswagen has been facing. To add to this, Volkswagen will also update the software for the ECU.

There is no information about the number of vehicles that will be recalled, or how much time it will take for the rectification of the problems, but we hope it should be completed in early 2016.