Tried the Google Star Wars Page Yet?

You might be wondering what the Google Star Wars page is, but we shall go with the formal introduction first. The month of December is almost upon us! That means we are nearly close to the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Certainly, we are all feeling the hype. Did you know that in the Halloween that just went by, Star Wars costumes along with Harley Quinn were the most worn by trick or treaters.

We, at The Wheels and Chips Journal, have certainly got our Darth Vader helmets on or Chewbacca’s suit on depending on who you talk to. The force is definitely strong with us. So in commemoration of Star Wars month, Google has decided to join the Star Wars bandwagon. Presenting the Google Star Wars page.

Google Star Wars Page 1

In any browser of your choice (hopefully not IE), type you will be taken to a special Google Star Wars page, where you will have a very difficult decision to take. Google will ask you to join the Dark Side or the Light Side and based on your decision, selected Google apps and Gmail will be customized according to your choice.

Don’t worry, your choice isn’t permanent. If you are indecisive, you can change sides. We think that the dark side looks classy in neon red. This is a good thing to add to the buzz of Star Wars dawning on us.

Google Star Wars Page 2

In other news related to Star Wars, the Battlefront game made by EA DICE is getting a ton of DLC ready for Battlefront gamers. It will offer gamers exclusives from the movie coming out later this month like gamers can fight out in the Battle of Jakku.

They are also adding a new game mode called the turning point wherein the up to 40 players will join the rebel alliance and complete several checkpoints as they try to take over the Empire.

EA executives have said that they will release many new maps and other content outside the paid season pass and that this is just the teaser for things to come. The DLC drops on Dec 1 for those interested. So what side are you on? the dark side or the light side? Comment below and may the force be with you!