The iPhone Smart Battery Case Is a Must for Users

The iPhone Smart Battery Case might actually be a savior to most iPhone users. The reason – it provides an extra battery. Apple might have addressed one of the problems which users kept on complaining about.

Priced at $99, the iPhone Smart Battery Case comes with an inbuilt battery of 1,877 mAh battery and is mainly designed for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 to extend its standby time up to 25 hours standby and 18 hours of LTE. The case weighs 239 gram which makes it slightly heavier than the iPhone 6 Plus. There are two variants of the cage white and black.

Design of the iPhone Smart Battery Case

As far the design of the iPhone Smart Battery Case is concerned, the phone easily fits into it. The case can also be separately charged and has got an indication light to show charging. The light turns green when fully charged.

iPhone Smart Battery Case 1

The case extends below the phone with its own lightning connector. Provisions are made for other parts such as mic, speaker and headphone jack.


A constraint the iPhone Smart Battery Case comes with is that when you connect your phone to the case, it automatically starts charging your iPhone. So your phone remains in charging mode all the time. This might disturb people who believe in the charging cycle. However, it is confirmed that all Apple devices will not be affected even if they are kept charged always. 

Apple should have introduced a control switch for the battery in the iPhone Smart Battery Case. One more thing is that the case makes the phone unsupported for a few branded headphones which have an L type connector.

Apart from this, the The iPhone Smart Battery Case is really a good accessory. Here is a clear review from 9to5Mac.