Kojima Productions Launched – Hideo Kojima Goes Solo

One of the most celebrated video game developers, Hideo Kojima, has finally started his own studio after his departure from Konami. Kojima is the brain behind famous franchises like the Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill. He recently revealed that he is starting his own gaming franchise, which will be called Kojima Productions.

Kojima wanted to leave Konami and announced last year that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was the last game he was going to work on for the gaming company. The time has now come for him to bid the final goodbye.

He tweeted that his employee contract at Konami terminated on the 15th of December and was going forward on a new endeavor. Kojima announced via the PlayStation YouTube channel that he has started his own studio called Kojima Productions and that the first game made by the new studio would be a PlayStation exclusive.

Kojima Productions

He hopes that the Kojima Productions would have a great future and be a massive hit with the fans. With his departure from Konami, the future of Metal Gear Solid is uncertain. Some sources confirmed that the series is incomplete and that there was more to come.

So it is unclear who will take over the mantle from Kojima. On the other side, it is interesting to see what the new franchise Kojima is about the launch to the world. We will have to wait with bated breath what the master has in store for us.