WhatsApp Blocked in Brazil for 48 Hours by Sao Paulo Court

Latest reports have revealed that WhatsApp has been blocked in Brazil for 48 hours. The block was issued by the Sao Paulo state court citing reasons for the company’s negligence.

WhatsApp representatives had been asked by the court to cooperate in a criminal investigation. However, no one from the company contacted the court, and hence, it was forced to make this decision. It is believed that the court might be seeking details from the application about a few users. It might also want to track the messages they sent to each other.

WhatsApp has been under the scanner in many countries and even in India, there was a plan to prevent users from deleting their messages. This case is different, but WhatsApp may want to look into its privacy policy before revealing any details about the users.

Whatsapp blocked brazil

It might take some time for ISPs to block WhatsApp services in Brazil. But if the ban is not lifted anytime soon, it might affect many smartphone users and even businesses, since WhatsApp is used as a major source of communication among many individuals.

More details regarding this were not revealed since the case is still open and proceedings are underway. More details are emerging.