webOS 3.0 for LG Smart TVs Unveiled Today

A boon for the owners of the LG smart TV has arrived. WebOS, also known as LG WebOS or HP WebOS is a Linux kernel based OS like Android. This OS, largely found in LG’s smart TVs is about to get better with the LG releasing the third upgrade. Unlike the previous release, webOS 3.0  is purely based on making the usability more comfortable and easier. It promises four new features.

Magic Remote

This provides the ability to control DVR(Digital Video Recorder) functions and also has the “power” and “menu” buttons. Voice Mate, a speech recognition technology is also introduced.

Magic Zoom

It is one of the most intriguing features that promises to provide the user with a zoomed portion of the screen without any degrading in the picture quality.

Magic Mobile

This is also one of the most useful features because it helps the user to stream their smart phone via the LG TV Plus app without the help of any device like the Chromecast.

Split Screen

Split screen allows the user to watch two different channels at the same time just like playing a multiplayer racing game on a PC. Also, media from an external source and a channel can be viewed simultaneously.


LG plans to launch webOS 3.0  at the CES in early 2016.