Leaked Images of the Moto X 2016 Reveal New Features

A few leaked images of the Moto X 2016 handset are finally out. The source here is cnbeta.com and according to them, these might be the leaked images of the next gen Moto X. However, the model seems to be just a production prototype and, therefore, there is very much subject to change.

As seen in one of the leaked images of the Moto X 2016, if you look to the bottom of the device, there seem to be 16 small holes which possibly could be laid for the speakers. This could comply that Motorola might be interested in creating a more premium audio experience.

The design seen in the leaked images of the Moto X 2016 will theoretically make it much harder to customize such a product. We can easily imagine different color types but with the redesigned device there doesn’t seem to be much color schemes and the mix and match that we can possibly do with the current line of Motorola devices and the Moto Maker. 

leaked images of the Moto X 2016 1

But it all comes to user preference and whether customization of color and material really matters in the big picture. Motorola could be focusing on one premium-designed smartphone or there could be a premium variant along with a customizable Moto Maker variant.

It’s pretty much a total speculation as of now on what Motorola plans do with its products in 2016 and how much will this leak turn out to be the real deal. Till then, we could wait for more leaks and information about the product.