The Microsoft Display Dock Explained in Detail

Want to make full use of your Windows phone? Microsoft has a nifty device which can change your Windows phone into a fully optimized Windows PC platform experience. The Microsoft Display Dock is a tiny device that gives you a hard wire connection between your Windows phone and a display. It’s a palm-sized box type adaptor with an interesting feature that turns your Lumia phone into a makeshift PC with the new Windows 10 Continuum feature.

Continuum is one of the new features on Microsoft’s Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Continuum is a new platform where the desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10 meet. It’s an in-bred feature that allows to put your Windows 10 smartphone into an optimized version PC mode to be used in conjunction with a larger screen.

Features of the Microsoft Display Dock

The Microsoft Display Dock comes with a USB-C port at the front to connect with your Lumia. On the back, the nifty box of 64.1mm width (just 2.5 inches) has an array of different set of ports, including three USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI out, DisplayPort out and another USB-C connection to provide power. It weighs in at 230 grams (approx.).

This basically gives the ability to give a connection between your Windows phone and an external display along with a USB cabled keyboard, a USB cabled mouse all while your charging your phone at the same time.

Microsoft Display Dock 1

Screen mirroring or a connection via Bluetooth could also do the same job as The Microsoft Display Dock. But the power users might appreciate the dock and the hatch into plug in features which might turn out to be a handy and satisfactory usage method for the non-average user.

The Sturdiness of the dock makes it stand hard against thick HDMI or USB cables and gives it a more professional look. The Microsoft Display Dock costs in about $99 USD.

While working with the Lumia 950, the functionality seems good. Swapping between open apps is simple and clean as they will appear in the bottom toolbar just the same as on a desktop. At few instances where softwares like Word shut itself while being used other software like the Edge browser. However, not every Windows App is supported and you will find a lot of greyed-out programs in your Start menu.

Design of the Microsoft Display Dock

The Microsoft Display Dock has a very professional looking, clean and sturdy design. It’s extremely intuitive and nifty set up and small and tiny enough that it can be easily taken with you on the go, where it’ll be the most useful. Just like all the other Microsoft accessories, the Microsoft Display Dock not the cheapest in the family.

The Continuum feature that it’s designed to work with isn’t the most essential and soothing component of your Windows 10 smartphone experience and still seems like a work in progress that needs to be fine-tuned you’re your looking to get the most out Continuum, be ready on spending some extra green paper on the Display Dock. Although we must say, the Continuum has to go little way further before it becomes the all new killer feature that Microsoft wants it to be.