Microsoft Surface Phone Could Be Company’s Next Breakthrough Device

Yes, a Microsoft Surface Phone is coming! Microsoft’s Surface line up has so far only been in competition with Apple’s Macbook line up, but it appears that Microsoft is not having enough fun. The American giant has decided to step up and introduce a challenge to the so-far unchallenged Nexus line up from Google. Ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath (not literally) the Microsoft Surface Phone is coming.

The confirmation came from Microsoft’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Chris Capossela in an interview on the Windows Weekly podcast last week. The session hinted the development of a premium end smartphone with top of the charts specifications, the podcast also covered specifics about the Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 upgrades for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.

Microsoft’s CMO hinted that the handset would be branded as a distinct “Surface” line up, diverging from the existing Lumia line up which has just started gathering some much needed traction in the Android and Apple dominated. He also suggested that Microsoft is working on a breakthrough handset that will be regarded as the “Spiritual equivalent” of the Surface tablets.

All these hints about the Microsoft Surface Phone were complemented with the fact that a specific time line could not be provided as Microsoft requires more time to build a handset that will begin the smartphone lineage of the fabled Surface line up.

Recent reports suggest that the Microsoft Surface Phone (or whatever it’s called as) might end up on sale by the third or fourth quarter of 2016. It is also speculated that Microsoft might opt for an X86 based Intel Cherry Trail or Willow Trail processors instead of the ARM based Qualcomm equivalents.

Microsoft surface phone 1 Microsoft surface phone concept

This will not only boost the compatibility of the applications between the mobile version and desktop version, but also make it easier for the developers to optimize their applications to run on the Windows 10 Mobile, thereby increasing the App ecosystem. Capossela was practical enough to acknowledge this short coming in the interview session and stated that Microsoft is working on wide-spread adoption of the Windows Universal app platform.

Capossela also reassured that the “Get Windows 10” dialogue box isn’t going away any time sooner since it would encourage more users to switch to Windows 10, thereby increasing the user base. The idea behind the move is that a large user base will get more developers interested in the platform.

Microsoft’s CMO also stated that according to the company, its main competitor is Amazon when it’s all about cloud-based solutions. He also stated that other cloud services like the Google are either ad-supported or they just aren’t feature rich when it comes to providing enterprise level solutions for business.