CES 2016: BMW AirTouch Concept to Be Revealed

In a press release published recently, BMW revealed that it was planning to launch a concept known as the BMW AirTouch. This concept is an advanced version of the dashboard touchscreen. Instead of actually touching the screen, the driver can use gestures to control the touchscreen. According to the press release published by the BMW Group, this is possible with the help of sensors that will recognize the gestures in midair.

Hence the name BMW AirTouch. This will allow hassle free operation for the driver and will also result in less distraction. The touchscreen will be large and this also enables more features than a standard touch screen.

BMW had presented another version of this concept last year at CES 2015. Volkswagen had also introduced the Golf R Touch concept. This time, we are hoping to find a production-ready version. This technology will reduce the steps needed for selecting a function. BMW AirTouch can even allow the driver to recall a contact list and make a call easily.

In order to use this feature, the driver will have to activate it through a concealed button on the rim of the steering wheel. Once this button is activated, the special AirTouch menu will appear, which will recognize the driver’s gestures.

BMW Airtouch

The new BMW 7 Series will be the first to have this feature. However, BMW will call it ‘Gesture Control’. the sensors on the dashboard play a very important part in the working of BMW AirTouch.

Apart from this, there are many other automobile manufacturers who are planning to showcase their electronics at CES 2016. The global electronic show will take place from 6 to 9 January 2015 at Las Vegas. We will bring in exclusive articles and news headlines. Subscribe with your email address or follow us on social media in order to stay updated.