Jeep Renegade Comes to India, Import Data Found

Detailed data which confirms the import of the Jeep Renegade to India has been found on Zauba. This reveals that Jeep is ramping up its sales operations in India and we might see some new launches soon. Around 14 documents regarding the import of the Jeep Renegade to Mumbai were found on the website.

14 units of the Jeep Renegade, both 4×4 and 4×2 models have been imported to Mumbai from the United States and Italy. The latest units to have been imported on December 30.

Jeep had recently opened its website in India and listed a few models. The Renegade was one of them. It is a compact SUV that is small enough to be driven in the city with ease. As all manufactures start in India with small cars, Jeep is going with the same strategy.

As for now, there is not much information about when the Jeep Renegade will be released in India officially. There are many questions about when the model will be released and when people can start their bookings. However, prices have not been revealed yet.

Jeep Renegade Import to India 1 Jeep Renegade Import to India 2

The 2015 Renegade sport comes with a 1.4L turbo engine with manual transmission. The compact SUV has many features including hill start assist and a height-adjustable rear cargo floor.