The Best Free Cloud Storage Options for 2016

If you are looking for the best free cloud storage options for 2016, this article might help. In the last few years, we have seen a massive boom in data consumption. The basic size of a HDD (hard disk drive) in a typical laptop was raised to a minimum of 1TB from 250GB. With the increase in handheld gadgets, the need for personal space for storing captured moments in photos and videos has also been increased.

The hard disk gets filled up or files get lost due to OS shutdown. The solution is Cloud Storage. As of now cloud, storage is not yet very popular. The majority of cloud applications are for servers, application development, and web hosting.

Based on the type of files you are going to store, you need to choose the service providers. If you going to store your personal collection of movies or music albums you can go for Mega, pCloud etc. According to their terms, they store only a copy of your file if the same file exists in their server.

This means they can read all your files. Privacy will be compromised, but even your ISP can read everything you browse on the internet, so it is not really a big deal.

Best free cloud storage options

If you are going to store your personal files such as reports, photos etc., then you may go with applications such as Google Drive, One Drive etc. Since they are linked with your mail account, it might give you your complete private space in their server. However, this cannot be taken for granted. 

Next comes how secure and reliable they are. In the past few months, we have witnessed an increase in the cyber-attacks and due to law enforcements, complete shutdown of many websites. Hence, choose where to store your personal files wisely and also remember to make a copy and store in another place too. Other than personal files, files such as movies and songs can be stored in any place, since it can be retrieved later.

If you prefer more security, then you use some 3rd party applications for encryption of your files. I prefer you not to go with encryption feature from the cloud service. Since they are encrypting, they might also know how to decrypt without your knowledge.

This is the list of few Cloud Storage services which offer the best free cloud storage options.

Google Drive

We all know this by the place where we can create and edit our document files, but it can also be used to store files up to 15GB. You can make use of multiple accounts and link them to get more space in a single account.

Since it is linked to your email account, all Google applications can be accessed with this account. The upload speed was maximum (took full speed as per ISP).


Mega is the cloud solution platform which was formed after the shutdown of popular cloud service Mega offers 50GB of free cloud storage. As said earlier it does not offer full private space. It just stores the link of the file, if the file already exists in the server. The average upload speed in our testing was 1.3MB/sec.

One Drive

Recently, the free space offered by one drive was reduced to 2GB from 15 GB, but after many complaints from its users, One Drive accepted to give 15GB of cloud storage if you sign up in the following link. The upload speed was around 2.5MB/sec


pCloud has a good interface and offers up to 25GB of cloud storage. Initially, it provides15GB and later when you finish your task, it gives up to 25GB. It has a pretty good upload speed of about 3MB/sec.

Streamnation offers 20GB of free cloud space. The user interface is really nice. Classification of the files is clearly possible. The upload speed of the server is around 4.5MB/sec. It converts your files into web-viewable versions so that users can view their file in TV and other streamable devices.

For those who want their small size but a huge quantity of files to be secured, the best thing is to use Yahoo Mail. Yes, Yahoo Mail offers 1TB of mail space. But remember, you cannot use this as storage space. You can only access the files with attachments in the mail. 

These are the best free cloud storage options for 2016 at the moment, but if we find anything new, we will send them to your inbox. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to know more.