Biometric Bra to Feature at CES 2016

A biometric bra is the ultimate level where wearable technology has gone today. We’ve been seeing a gigantic amount of new products that will be introduced at the CES 2016. In that list, a Canadian company, OmSignal has introduced a wearable which could be beneficial for women. 

Now you may wonder what’s a bra doing at the electronics show. OmSignal has already made biometric shirts for men and now it is a  biometric bra.

Speciality of the Biometric Bra

The biometric bra basically functions as a smart watch or a band. Wearing a watch or some other device to track your fitness has become a burden because the device should be taken care of. It may also fall off if not strapped properly.

So OmSignal , becomes a savior by introducing the fitness tracker in a bra which is worn daily and one need not worry about taking care of it. Women do not have to worry about getting the right size bra anymore. The odds of the bra falling off are also very rare. 

biometric bra Omsignal
OmSignal’s Biometric Bra
biometric bra 1
Another version of the biometric bra

This biometric bra adopts to your body and changes according to your breasts. What it does is, it records your real-time biometrics during your workout and sends the statistics to your phone via an app called OmRun wirelessly. There is a black box with a sensor along the rib cage which records information. It also gives you the recovery time and a score called “push score”.

The Smart Box

Now people might ask, “why will I have my phone during workouts?”. For this question, OmSignal introduces a ‘Smart Box’. This box stores all the information and when it is brought close to your mobile, it transmits all the data to it. This Smart Box can be charged after every 10 workouts.

OmSignal makes no room for mistakes by also making it available in different colours. So choose your colour and start working out.