LG 18 inch Rollable OLED TV Leaked in Videos

I know that many people envy “Dora” in the show ‘Dora the explorer’ for her talking map. Be jealous no more as the LG 18 inch rollable OLED TV has arrived. You can fold it just like the map and take it to places.

It doesn’t talk, but at the least, you can watch something on it. We can also say that LG has created the world’s costliest newspaper(just kidding). This new LG 18 inch rollable OLED TV is now the talk of the world. LG already launched a 55-inch OLED TV in the previous CES. Before going into this new TV, let us see what OLED is.

What is OLED?

OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. OLEDs consists of two electrodes, one of which is transparent, making it the display. Between these two electrodes, there is an organic semiconductor.

The OLED sends an electric circuit to the organic compound and that lights these colour rods. The OLED works without a backlight and it also has the ability to black out individual pixels.

LG 18 inch rollable OLED TV has arrived

The18 inch Rollable OLED TV

18-inch may seem small to us in these days but you can roll this TV up to a radius of 3 cms and  take it anywhere.  It is said to come with a resolution of 1200 x 810p and is packed with 1 million pixels approximately. LG plans to unveil the 18 inch rollable OLED TV at the CES 2016. We can also look forward to a bigger size rollable OLED TV in the future.

Consumer electronics is the major show-stopper of CES, and the acronym itself stands for ‘Consumer Electronics Show’. This year, automobile electronics is also expected to be a major part of CES 2016, and there are more details emerging as we explore the hidden clues. To know more about CES 2016, stay in touch with us on social media.