CES 2016: What to Expect at the Show This Year

CES 2016 is ready to rock and roll in a just a few hours’ time. First, let us roll back and see what went viral at CES 2015. Few of highlights of CES 2015 were

  • Drones: They were later used in many forms in varying applications
  • 4k televisions: Price drops in 4K and boon in Ultra Definition TV’s
  • Autonomous driving: Google’s car was quite a success
  • Alternative transport: showing various new forms of two & three wheelers with the green concept, but not much of it made into roads in large numbers. But we did see Two Wheel Smart self-balancing scooters becoming a daily transport in many places.
  • Intel curie: A button size processor was a hit at CES 2015 but didn’t show up into any devices until Q3 2015.
  • Connected home: A concept of smart lightbulbs and door locks, smartphone-controlled security systems. This also saw a boom with the launch of Philips Hue products.

And so on. Many of the highlights just remained as it is and never made to the production line and others become very popular. So let’s see what waits in CES 2016 and later how far it goes.

Television and Entertainment

Competing products from world leaders Samsung, Sony, LG, and Vizio can be expected. Few new players like LeTV could also be in the game, after the launch of its world’s largest TV few months back. Also, we have news that LG would launch the webOS 3.0 for Smart TVs at CES 2016.  Netflix might enter the Indian market with its awaiting big announcement at CES 2016.


We can expect sophisticated and smarter drones in CES 2016. Even though The US has set rules and deadlines for registration of drones, it doesn’t seem to be a big hurdle for developers out there. We can see drones that have wider applications, easy controls, and waterproof features too. A solution for a longer runtime can also be expected.

Mobile Devices

Earlier, we have seen the launch of few ultra-powered processors for the mobile platform. So at CES 2016, we can expect the launch of smartphones powered by these processors. Sony has been quiet since IFA 2105, so we can expect mobile launches from Sony.

Microsoft is keen in showing the power of Windows 10 powered mobiles, so we could also see few Windows powered phones.


VR has gone a long way compared to where it was few years back. With the recent launch of Samsung Gear VR, many people are spending their hard earned money in VR kits. In CES 2016, we can expect a demonstration of controllers for gears. There might be some cool gear from newcomers to and improvements in existing gears.

This in the snippet on things which can be expected in CES 2016. Apart from the above list, we can see smarter home solutions, more automated and unmanned means of the transport systems and the list goes on. Stay tuned we will be posting more as things get revealed at CES 2016.