WowWee Chip Robotic Dog Showcased at CES 2016

Abbreviated as Canine Home Intelligent Pet, the WowWee Chip Robotic Dog was showcased at CES 2016 by a Canadian tech firm. The robot is priced at $199 only. The consumer version is expected to arrive by Q3-Q4 of 2016.

The WowWee Chip Robotic Dog can be controlled by the wearable chip which comes with it. Out of the box, the robot has nothing much to do. With built-in AI programs, the bot learns as with time and understands user instructions. It may roam in-house, make playful motions, sit, or lay down. It can also be tuned to modes such fetch, football etc. Once it catches the ball, it brings the ball back to you.

The WowWee Chip Robotic Dog can also be assigned to follow you based on the Bluetooth wearable’s location. it looks simple and fun and has more personality, multiple commands function that are easy to do and many  more features. Technical specifications such as battery standby, onboard sensors for movement etc, are not yet known.

WowWee Chip Robotic Dog

In recent times, we have seen many electronic pets ending up to the production line and with improvements in sensors and necessary components, the price of the device get cheaper and affordable. Alongside with development of sophisticated robots, entertainment robots such as Chip are also in development. We can see more of such things in coming days.