CES 2016: A List of Disappointments for Me


1. Samsung Smart Refrigerator

Every year, CES has been a phenomenal event, spiking up the adrenaline of tech enthusiasts internationally. This year began with a lot of excitement for us about the CES 2016. The amount of innovations going around the globe must contribute to dynamically new products in at least double the amount of figures, this time, except that it didn’t. Most of the showcased products at the CES 2016 so far have been just plain disappointments.

The “Smart” refrigerator from Samsung, called as the Family Hub is touted by the Korean electronics giant as their first step in modernizing the kitchen. It appears that the best possible way they could think of was to fit a 21.5-inch tablet onto their new refrigerator to make it “smart” and disassemble the cameras of that tablet and hook them inside the door of the refrigerator. If this sounds brutal, it’s exactly what Samsung has done.

The features include monitoring the contents within the fridge remotely through an application on your phone which we expect to work with only Samsung devices. The feature that baffled us was the ability to look inside the contents of the fridge without opening it, you just do a few simple taps on the giant tablet, open up the camera and have a look at what’s inside, instead of just opening the door and getting what you wanted.

Maybe the future iterations of this supposedly “smart” refrigerator will feature the tablet in a landscape position along with a HDMI port and front-facing camera, so we can use it as a TV and a selfie camera all at the same time (Of course I am kidding). This Family Hub refrigerator just looks like another one of Samsung’s “Throw it at the wall and see if it sticks” approach and it is really disheartening to see such huge brands pulling these tricks at a CES event.