EHang 184 Is a Drone That’s Big Enough to Keep You In

The EHang 184 is probably the biggest drone that has been featured in CES till date. At first sight, it looks nothing like a drone, but rather resembles a mini helicopter. Designed by a Chinese firm, this human-sized drone has undergone more than 100 test flights and it could be ready for production any time soon.

The EHang 184 is an all-electric drone. More than a drone, it can be seen as a personal transportation device. It has 4 double rotors and takes off and lands like a helicopter. The user can control the drone with the help of tablet, either from inside or outside the drone. It is autonomous.

Special Features in the EHang 184

The EHang 184 also has features like air conditioning, a storage trunk and other safety features. It can last for approximately 23 minutes in air and can travel at a top speed of 62 miles per hour. You can recharge the 184 in just 2 hours. A trickle charge could take up to 4 hours.

Though the EHang 184 has many potential and practical issues because it just runs on the tablet, the manufacturers say that there is a control station that could intervene in times of emergency. They also mentioned that the control center would be operational 24×7.

Among the other drones and personal transportation devices at CES 2016, the EHang 184 took a rightful place and caught the attention of many visitors. But since it is developed on a completely autonomous platform, it is different from the aero-cars or the flying cars concepts that we had witnessed in recent years.

For the EHang 184 to be practically produced and made available, there are many hurdles. One of them is legal approval. While flying, this product might also come into consideration for airspace. The height at which it is supposed to fly is also not known, but this certainly is a product of the future and is definitely better than the others which were displayed at CES 2016.