Sony Plans to Launch a Pink Xperia Handset

Are you fascinated by pink? Do you have the obsession for pink gifts on a valentine’s day? Well, Sony might have something for you this time. The electronics manufacturer is gearing up for the launch of a new pink Xperia handset tomorrow (12th January 2016).

The Japanese giant posted tons of teaser images on Instagram showcasing a device which supposedly has a pinkish tint to it. However, additional information about the device was not revealed and there’s a high chance that this new Xperia device could very well be just another color addition to the already expansive and confusing Xperia Z5 lineup.

Images of the leaked Sony Xperia C had already made its way around the internet and this new launch could also be related to the alleged next Xperia C device, instead of the Z5. The leaked images showcase a rose gold-like colored device which could very well be Sony’s definition of “pink” to distinguish it from the rest of the handsets (read iPhones).

Pink Sony Xperia

Tomorrow, we will know for sure, if it is a new device or if it is just another color addition to Sony’s existing premium lineup of devices. As much as we want it to be a new device, we would be glad if this alleged pink device comes in a rose-gold type metallic look rather than a cartoon pink rip-off of the Nokia Asha series.