Volvo Truck Stunt – Is it for Real?

Though it is quite old, this Volvo truck stunt is one of the best we have ever come across. Driving a truck on a normal road with all four wheels on the ground itself is a big challenge. Now, driving a truck with 2 wheels on the ground and the remaining 2 wheels up might seem impossible.

This Volvo truck stunt was pulled off by a clever stunt driver and his team. Volvo keeps using these stunts to market its products, and it has been a successful campaign. Of course, a Volvo truck is built for the crash and it is highly rated in terms of safety.

The stunt driver in the video says that this Volvo truck stunt required a lot of physical effort as well, since he had to control the steering to keep the truck in that position and prevent it from falling down. Apart from this, the final run of the stunt involved people standing on the dangerous side of the truck while it passes them.

It might be easy to pull off a normal two-wheeled car stunt, but it might not be that easy to do something like this. This stunt is really a masterpiece!