Makes e-Shopping Easier. Here’s How!

The Indian e-commerce market is brimming. Ever since the renounced e-commerce website – Flipkart was introduced, many other startups followed and they have become established players in the online shopping domain in India. Today, there are more than 100 e-commerce websites in India. While this might be an advantage for the startup sector and the Indian economy, it makes the online shopping all the more confusing for the shopper. is India’s finest price comparison website which has come to the shopper’s rescue. As the name of the website goes, it compares the prices of products across various websites. If you are trying to buy a smartphone, you will be most worried about the price and where to buy from. Of course, there are a zillion models & hundreds of websites offering them at varied prices.

Therefore, this is where Comparometer comes into the picture. It can tell you which website in India is offering a particular smartphone at the cheapest price. Briefly, it cuts down on your struggle to locate the best price online.

Another amazing feature is its “product discovery”. Say you want to buy a formal shirt. The normal procedure would be to search every e-commerce website you know for the product, make of note of the prices and the variety, and then compare them manually. Not anymore! With the smart shopping website Comparometer, you can find all the formal shirts available across the top e-stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. at one place. In short, you can find many e-stores in unison. Simple!

They list all the category of products ranging right from smartphones, laptops, computer accessories and other gadgets to fashion, baby products, home & kitchen and even pet care products.


The product base is increasing with time, and users are exposed to many new products. So, it is likely that you find what you are searching for. Besides this, has a great user interface. You would love to spend time on this website and compare prices with their unique price-o-meter. Do check them out here!

We recommend Comparometer to our readers because we believe that it is one of the most convenient ways to shop online for Indian e-buyers today.

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