LG G5 Will Debut at Mobile World Congress 2016

The LG G5 might be revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona pretty soon. In a matter of weeks, all the smartphone giants will bring out their big guns in the annual showdown over sales, mind-share, and profits.

MWC invites are beginning to fall out from all fronts as the Barcelona Trade Show is set for February 22nd. Mobile World Congress 2016 is bound to have all the big names make a statement to the crowd and showcase the best phones, mobile tech and flagships to make a stand for the forthcoming days this year.

Many companies will try to prove their competency against the likes of Samsung, Apple, Huawei and the rest of the lot. LG has started rolling out its media invites for their event, entitled “Play begins,” to be held at MWC 2016 on Monday, February 22, which takes place on Sunday- The press day before the official start of MWC 2016. LG has confirmed to external sources that the company will indeed launch their next-gen flagship the LG G5.

LG G5 Will Have a Ticker

The LG G5 seems to have a lot of expectations to keep up with this year. According to recent rumors and reveals, the LG G5 is set to have a full metal body construction, a 5.3-inch LCD display which is slightly smaller than the 5.5-inch screen of the G4. The LG G5 will sport a secondary “ticker” display placed above the main screen seen just like in the LG V10.

The ticker is said to have a resolution of 160 x 1040 pixels and will be used for displaying notifications or shortcuts to favorite apps which actually kind of makes up for the smaller display. The G5 will retain the Quad HD resolution of the G4. 

LG G5 Gets Snapdragon 820

It will be powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 processor, the same chip that will power the Samsung Galaxy S7 (international variants). The super-fast Snapdragon 820 will be paired along with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot is said to be available.

The optics of the LG G5 is said to use a dual camera on the back, inspired from the dual front cameras seen in the LG V10. With the dual cameras, we can compose very wide shots and presumably do other cool tricks with it. The idea isn’t eureka to the industry, but it hasn’t really caught on until now. The rear cameras are said to come with 16MP sensor lenses respectively, while the front shooter will be 8MP.

Battery of the LG G5

The LG G5 will be juiced up by a battery of 2,800 mAh, which is a tone down from the G4’s 3,000-mAh. LG might be gunning down on a very compact design for the G5, but the toned down capacity is a tiny let down. 

We will have to see how LG manages to cope up with these adjustments. The full metal body construction is a sign of a clear ‘no’ to wireless charging capabilities. However, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 standard, or potentially the newer and more efficient Quick Charge 3.0. might be the push it really needs.


Other Features

The additional perks seen will be a fingerprint sensor on the back like the Nexus 5X and LG V10, an IR blaster mounted at the top, a USB Type C port, and a speaker mounted on the bottom of the phone with high-res audio chip. Interestingly, the LG G5 is rumored to have a feature that will be called the “magic slot.”  

The “magic slot” is an additional port that allows additional quick add-ons like cameras, external keyboards, or even audio amplifiers. The “magic slot” might be an extremely intriguing feature with a whole bunch of new possibilities. We’d like to see how LG handles this for the long run. It is also suggested that the G5 will launch with a few optional set of accessories for no.

The real deal is the unibody design which would normally mean ditching removable battery, and possibly microSD, but rumor suggests that LG is devising an idea to bring the best of both worlds together by offering a new design which is reported to have a slide off “cap” that lets you push in a battery and microSD card. This might just be a rumor but this could be the drool factor for techies and if made possibly could be a big design innovation changing the landscape of the smartphone industry.

The rumor also states that LG might be ditching its iconic rear mounted volume rockers, and is instead placing them on the side like the usual crowd does, however the power button will likely be unchanged and still be integrated along with the rear fingerprint scanner.

Ultimately, these design concepts along with some unique and new UI and software retakes LG is on the process of making the G5 as premium as possible, while also keeping it thin and compact, shaping it up to be the best of LG’s attempts so far. The LG G5 has us looking forward with the rumors and our hopes set high for the device.

The MWC 2016 is shaping up to be mega event and is getting us hyped up for all the latest gizmo’s seen this year. Stay tuned for all the updates from MWC 2016.