WickedLeak HoverX Is the First Hoverboard in India

The WickedLeak HoverX is the first official “HoverBoard” launched in India. Believe it or not, self-balancing wheels are becoming a thing and they are calling it, the HoverBoards. An Indian smartphone manufacturer saw the potential in these “HoverBoards” and has decided to make them more accessible to people here.

Features of the WickedLeak HoverX

The WickedLeak HoverX is a technologically well-built device that houses a high-performance Samsung lithium-ion battery which has a capacity of 4400mAh. The battery is said to provide a mileage of up to 20 kilometers per charge. The HoverX can reach a maximum speed of 15 Kmph. While it may not sound impressive, it is more than enough for indoor movements. The HoverX features an ABS + Polycarbonate frame which can bear up to 100 kilograms. It is also small enough to fit into vehicles and every large carrying bags.

The onboard sensors and processors read the user’s input at decent speeds and the reflexes seem to be satisfactory. The WickedLeak HoverX also features advanced safety controls like monitoring the balance and movement of the “HoverBoard”. It features 8 inch Solid Elastic wheels which the company claims to have a long life before wear and tear occurs. The wheels are also stated to be durable enough to be used on roads, gardens, pavements, sand, mud and can even climb inclined surfaces up to a maximum angle of 20 degrees.

The HoverX also features built-in Bluetooth speakers which can connect with the user’s smartphone and play the desired music. The board also comes equipped with LED lights which are mounted on top of the wheels to assist the user while using the board in the dawn.

Both the wheels feature individual gravity sensors and gyroscopes for enhanced balance control and stability. The control pads are built with Anti-slip rubberized material which is good for grip and control. Under the pads are sensors which read even the tiniest of the user’s foot reflexes.

Wickedleak HoverX

The Honest Bottom Line

The HoverX from WickedLeak cost around INR 32,000 and is available at WickedLeaks Web page and at that kind of price, it does not seem like value for money. It almost appears as if WickedLeak just wanted an Indian version of the product without considering whether it actually makes sense. Here are a few impracticalities.

  1. We don’t have good enough roads/ footpath to use the HoverX on (At least in most parts)

2. The argument that it can be useful for old people is invalid, if you can balance on the HoverX, you can probably walk too.

3. Unless you have a huge house, it makes no sense to use the HoverX indoors.

4. At a time where people have started going for walks and jogging, the HoverX makes sure that all you training goes into the trash can by making you lazy.

And finally, the major thing that we are really uncomfortable with, is the name of the self-balancing board. They have named it hoverboards and how does that even make any sense? Now this is a real hoverboard!

Marking the official launch of the first “HoverBoard” in India, Aditya Mehta, CEO of WickedLeak, mentioned the following:

“Wickedleak has always believed in bringing the latest technology to the Indian market at great price points. We are proud to announce HoverX, a personal mobility tool that is both, fun and eco-friendly. With this launch, we are determined to transform the personal mobility space here in India.”