Oppo’s Super VOOC can fully charge phone in 15 minutes

Oppo blew everyone away today at the MWC in Barcelona by announcing its new high-speed charging technology dubbed as the Super VOOC charging. This charging technology is expected to take the center stage for the upcoming flagships from Oppo and will become a definite addition to Oppo’s handset in the future.

Oppo’s Super VOOC is capable of completely charging a 2500 mAh battery in just 15 minutes (provided the battery and the other components can handle such a massive inflow of current). This also means that the Super VOOC can charge a 2500 mAh battery to around 45% in around 5 minutes, which is crazy fast.

The Super VOOC charging technology is also backwards compatible and works with both microUSB and USB Type-C ports, but requires the Super VOOC Flash Charger plug, a connector built with military grade materials and a new capable specific for VOOC charging. Oppo has also promised to add support for the Super VOOC charging in its upcoming smartphones. The only bottleneck, for now, is the mass production of the VOOC compatible accessories.

Super VOOC achieves its rapid fast charging by transmitting the power directly to the battery without any voltage conversion, which allows it to attain up to 97% efficiency even at 5V. The temperature of the handset using VOOC charging will increase by only about 3.3 degrees which means that it will keep the phone relatively cooler than most other quick charge solutions in the market currently.

Since the VOOC charging technology can keep the temperatures at check, it is also relatively safer to use the mobile for media consumption/ calls while it is charging.

It should also be mentioned that if a VOOC equipped handset is connected to a different manufacturer’s conventional quick charge adapter, then the VOOC equipped handset will resort to slow charging instead of accepting the additional voltage to avoid overheating and screen flickering.

oppo super vooc

The Super VOOC is still in its experimental phases and a lot of ground is left to be covered when it comes to its widespread practical implementation. We hope that Oppo marks the beginning of a Technology revolution by introducing the Super VOOC charging to the masses soon.