Ken Block’s Gymkhana 8 – The Master Hits Dubai

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 8 is the latest sequel of the stunt series which gained much attention over the internet. Although each short film in the series was sponsored by different companies, this time, it is Ford Performance that has taken the chance.

Gymkhana 8 was released on the official Ford Performance channel on YouTube and it is titled as the Ultimate Exotic Playground. It was also released on February 29, and it is obvious that Ford had waited for this date.

Ken Block is seen drifting, jumping and even racing a few exotics in the 9-minute video. Speaking of exotic cars, it is a known fact that even the police cars in Dubai are exotics. However, the police seem to enjoy his stunts.

Gymkhana 8 also features the famous 2-wheeler car stunt, which seems to be a ‘thing’ among UAE’s stunt drivers. The perfect roads, the epic scenery and the awesome skyline add to the credibility of the whole film.

This is definitely a treat to the eyes for petrolheads and Ken Block did not fail to impress us. Towards the end, Ford Performance also teased a Ford Focus RS-RX, which will be used by Ken Block in Gymkhana 9. Oh yes, we cannot wait, too!