KIA Optima Hybrid Revealed! Here’s All About it!

Looks like the Koreans have something to convey! KIA Motors, whose parent organization is Hyundai Motor Group, has a great car for 2016! Yes, Kia Optima Hybrid is all what we are talking about! Effortless style and eco-friendly is a perfect blend that you can ever imagine. The Optima Hybrid projects a well-designed body with improved aerodynamics and highly advanced hybrid technology intended to make the most of every tank of fuel.

This is a product which is engineered for efficiency! It wisely switches from its electric motor to its 2.4-liter, 4-cylinder engine (MPI engine) in reaction to your driving. At full acceleration, power from both the fuel engine and the electric motor are used. It offers 199 horsepower. In addition, the 235 lb.-ft. of torque and ECU to regulate fuel efficiency, the Optima Hybrid is here as a smart, competent, and bracing vehicle. During deceleration, regenerative braking mechanism transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy. This is used to automatically charge the electric motor’s battery.

The KIA Optima Hybrid makes use of two systems. The first is an electric traction motor that works with a battery that is made up of lithium polymer and a four-cylinder gas engine. The Optima Hybrid will be motorized by one or both, based on the type of driving we want. Do like the proposal of longer periods between fill-ups? The KIA Optima Hybrid model attains an EPA-estimated to be 36 mpg in the city, 40 mpg on the highway, and 38 mpg when it is combined. You can also keep track of the Optima’s fuel efficiency with a brilliant display that shows the battery being charged, MPG, and other performance information.

The styling of the Front Grille, Front & Rear Bumper Valences and Side Sill is elite to the Optima Hybrid, and generates a look that sets it apart from other Optima models. KIA Optima Hybrid also includes the latest technical features such as self-levelling headlamps, blind spot detection, rear lamps with LED combination, side air flow vents, automatic climate control and solar control glass.

In the global market, the car is priced at Rs 17.68 lakhs (Indian value). This is a very reasonable price for a hybrid vehicle which offers so many loaded features.