Samsung Galaxy S7 Price Starts at Rs 48,900, Gear VR Free!

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy S7 price has been slashed to Rs 48,900 in India, making it a huge competitor in the premium segment. Samsung has been trying to dominate the Indian smartphone market, especially when it comes to flagships.

The S7 Edge is priced around Rs 56,900 while both the models get the Samsung Gear VR as a complimentary. Pre-ordering is open from March 8 to March 17 and the early birds get the Gear VR as a free gift.

Samsung has planned well ahead and put the launch ahead of competitors, one of them being the Xiaomi Mi5. The Samsung Galaxy S7 price is also a huge competitive advantage. This might also attract potential iPhone enthusiasts to give a try.

Samsung has also launched the ‘concierge’ service and it includes a personal assistant, fast track services, chat support, cab services, phone pick up and drop services, and anything else you need. The phones have a metal glass finish, which makes them look premium.

Samsung Galaxy S7 price

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