Google Plans on Selling Boston Dynamics

Things have started changing a lot in the technology world and what were once world leader are changing paths from directing the world to just making more money. Just when we (and Wozniak) thought it was just Apple, Google just put up its robotics engineering firm for sale. Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google a couple of years ago as Google’s attempt to dive deep into robotics and its implementation in a commercial scale.

Bloomberg stated that Google is planning to sell Boston Dynamics purely as a part of its Business decision. Over the years, Boston Dynamics has contributed immensely towards the field of robotics in the form of humanoids and animal-like robots that can walk on four legs.
In-case you are familiar, making a robot “walk” is one of the most incredible feats in the robotics world. Boston Dynamics had contributed some remarkable breakthrough in this regard.

boston dynamics
Boston Dynamics’ Wild Cat Robot

More products, less breakthrough

But all the contributions amount to nothing if they can’t make any real money, at least that’s what big companies have started thinking. Executives at Alphabet (Google’s parent company) seem to be obsessed with restructuring and chopping off any part of the company that doesn’t plan on generating any quantifiable revenue in the upcoming years.

To their eyes, Boston Dynamics appeared as a slow growing industry/ project that would not start generating money at least for a few years.

Reports also suggest that the engineers and executives at Boston Dynamics aren’t really open towards working with Google’s engineers in California and Tokyo. It is also suggested that Toyota and Amazon could be potential buyers.

Amazon has been known for making robots for its fulfillment centers and we wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon takes the leap.