Apple to Discontinue iPhone 5s Due to iPhone SE

It has been so far speculated that once the Apple iPhone SE hits the shelves, the iPhone 5s will drop prices to as low as USD 200. But Apple clearly seems to have different plans. In our attempt to have a quick glance at Apple’s current pricing for the iPhone 5s, we stumbled upon the fact that the iPhone 5s is no longer sold by Apple’s official retail webpage. There is no official announcement yet, but when a product is lifted off Apple’s gloriously white-painted retail page, it generally indicates that the electronics giant is no longer interested in selling them.

To be honest, we are not much surprised by the move. The iPhone SE looks exactly like the iPhone 5s, the dual tone back is a dead give away that the shell of the se is being manufactured by the same production plants that manufactured the 5s. The iPhone se also has an identical display on the same form factor 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm.

Apple managed to cram in the latest Apple A9 processor (not to be confused with ARM’s Cortex-A9), 2GB of RAM and the latest 12MP camera (mostly because it uses the same 1/3 inch sensor used in the 5s with a higher megapixel count) into the iPhone SE.


It only makes sense for Apple to discontinue the iPhone 5s instead of selling it for USD 200 which would require the device to be sold for around INR 15,000 in India. Not to mention that really smart consumers will raise questions as to why the better processor, RAM and camera bumps up the price of the iPhone SE to more than 2.5 times the cost of a 5s (we are almost certain that Apple will price the SE at over INR 35,000).

With the iPhone SE, Apple aims to continue its generous gesture offering either 16GB or a direct 64GB without letting you settle for a 32GB (sarcasm intended).Third party retailers like Amazon are still selling the iPhone 5s. In case you are planning on buying an iPhone, the 5s is a great choice, especially the 32GB offering.