Apple iPad Pro 9.7 – Because iPad Air 3 Sounds Too Mainstream

Apple has always been keen on offering more product choices to its customers. The company has always released alternative versions of devices that only encompass the needs of the consumers by eliminating any unnecessary components.

In doing so, Apple often ends up with a product which not only costs less to make but also offers them a bigger profit margin. The iPad Pro 9.7 is Apple’s way of naming the iPad Air 3 with a Stylus support. It is actually much closer to the iPad Air 2 than the iPad Pro, read on to find out how.

Where the iPad Pro 9.7 really stands out

  1. The Apple iPad Pro 9.7 features the impeccable Apple Pencil support which while being a trivial feature to the general user, is almost a must-have for an artist who is always on the move.
  2. The True-Tone display on the iPad Pro 9.7 enhances the color accuracy of the iPad’s display enabling better visualization for the artists.
  3. The iPad Pro 9.7 features in-built NFC support for Apple Pay and easy pairing of NFC-equipped accessories.
  4. The iPad Pro 9.7 features the latest Apple A9X processor (slightly underclocked) to let the iPad run iOS 9.3 fluid and stay relatively fluid at least until iOS 11 (looking at how older devices like the iPhone 4s lag even on iOS 8).
  5. The front camera on the iPad Pro 9.7 is a 5MP shooter which is an improvement over the iPad Pro itself.
  6. The rear camera is a 12MP shooter that’s adopted from the iPhone 6 Plus line up. The move is mostly a business one to enable the iPhones and iPads to record 4K video to stay on par with the competition and does not have much impact on the image quality as the sensor size is the same. With that said, 4K video recording is a great step up from the general 1080p.
  7. 4 Loudspeaker for enhanced stereo effect and loudness as compared to the 2 speakers on the iPad Air 2.


Where the iPad Pro 9.7 meets the iPad Air 2

  1. It would be an understatement to say that the Pro 9.7 and the Air 2 share a similar feel. We think that the exteriors of these two devices are the same with no discernible difference.
  2. Even the dimensions are similar at 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm. The device weighs at 437 g for the WI-Fi variant and 444 g for the LTE one further attests the fact that the Pro 9.7 is very similar to the Air 2 when it comes to looks and feel.
  3. The display is probably an identical panel that adjusts the color temperature (blue or yellow cast) of the display with the help of additional ambient light sensors on the iPad Pro 9.7.
  4. Both the Pro 9.7 and the Air 2 feature 2GB of RAM, which is not less in any way. But it just emphasises on how similar the”Pro” model is to the regular Air 2 model.
  5. The LTE models of both the devices offer similar antenna bands and there are no enhancements or trade-offs over here.

To be Honest

Apple is very smart when it comes to marketing. In order to prevent any form of fair comparison, the Ipad Pro 9.7 comes with 32GB, 128GB and 256GB of storage as opposed to the 16GB and 64GB found on the iPad Air 2.

The iPad Air 2 (16GB Wi-Fi) currently retails for around USD 399 while the iPad Pro 9.7 (32GB Wi-Fi) will be available for USD 599. Which means that if you are planning on getting the Pro 9.7 over the Air 2 (which is not slow by any means), you will be paying USD 200 extra for the additional speaker, the better processor, the enhanced cameras and the stylus support.

To strip this even further, if you are that person who shoots photos and videos on his/her tab, then the pricing of the iPad Pro 9.7 makes some sense and if you aren’t that person, then it is just another feature which you will probably never use.

The stylus support is again a feature that will only be used by “professionals” who will prefer sketching on an iPad instead of a dedicated sketching gear and no to mention that it will only work if you have the 100 dollar Apple Pencil.

To our eyes, the iPad Pro 9.7 is just Apple’s way of milking money before it starts milking money with the iPad Air 3 and the Apple Pencil 2 which will probably fix its intentional flaw (lack of eraser and a switch to turn it off).