The Mahindra Mojo – India’s First Real Sports Tourer

Mahindra Mojo, a 295cc sports tourer, is the first of its kind from the wheelhouse of Mahindra & Mahindra. The bike was conceptualized in 2012 but didn’t drop then. The latest we heard from it was at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo where a few design changes were made, but it is 2016 and the bike still hasn’t dropped to the market. Officials at M&M say that the Mojo will be a big launch for them and is expected to reach Indian markets this festive season.

Design and Looks

The Mahindra Mojo looks decent and comes in 3 colors. The bike looks very plastic as the paint finish does not pass off for a metallic finish. Mahindra seems to be in love with gold just like our mothers. The gold paint on the exhaust, forks and the swingarms resembles the color of the gold your typical goldsmith has.

The lack of that metallic finish really hurts the bike. The headlights look like they were ripped off from Firefly (a villain of Batman from the comic). These are the biggest letdowns of the bike. From the way the rear seat is placed, one can clearly see the Duke inspiration coming through. The Mojo has an analog/digital console that is easy to read.


In the touring class, one of the most important aspects that needs to be checked is the riding posture and the reach between the handlebars and the seat. The Mahindra Mojo took the best bit from the Duke, its riding posture.

The reach is a decent length and isn’t too hard for the rider. The Mojo picks up on the Duke’s failings, the pillion rider can get super uncomfortable on the Duke but Mahindra has done a decent job by placing the foot pegs a bit lower where it isn’t too uncomfortable. The pillion might need a stop and a walkabout every now and then but it shouldn’t be of concern.

Engine and Power

The powerhouse of the Mahindra Mojo is a single cylinder liquid cooled 4 stroke engine that pumps out  295cc to the tune of 30 nm of torque and 27.19 PS of power. There are dual discs, which is the basic norm for a bike of its class.

On the whole, we can commend on Mahindra & Mahindra for trying their best to put out a product in this category but we can expect them to make it even more better.

P.S.: Please lose the gold ribs and the hideous headlights.