Gadget Of The Week – Zebronics Alien Mouse

The gaming fever is steadily catching up in India and we are seeing a rising demand for gaming accessories. While gaming accessories or anything even remotely related to gaming generally cost a premium, Zebronics Alien Mouse hopes to change that. The Zebronics Alien Mouse is a relatively affordable gaming mouse that is available for around USD 10 or INR 700 in India. Read ahead to know what we feel about this mouse and if it is worth your money.

The Look and Feel

We know that this can be subjective, but in our opinion, the Zebronics Alien mouse looks really good. It is not designed to look like an aggressive gaming mouse, but rather looks like a classy gaming mouse that does not try too hard to impress.

The Zebronics Alien mouse is painted in black with a matte-like finish on top, that provides an adequate amount of traction. The black scroll wheel also has two metal rings which enhance its aesthetic feel.

The Alien mouse is built for right-handed use and this is evident by the placement of the rubberized thumb rest on the left side of the mouse. The left side is also covered by lightweight metal to break free of the all-plastic look and also feel a touch premium at the same time.

How Does it Game?

In our usage of 2 weeks, we found the mouse to be quite comfortable across a range of games which included Rise of the Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto V among a few others. The mouse was comfortable to hold and the Dpi changer button came in handy while we need higher accuracy with weapons like the Sniper in GTA V.

The rubberized thumb rest did help by reducing fatigue during extended sessions of gameplay. The scroll wheel rolls like it has been lubricated with engine oil, which may or may not suit your preference.

You can watch our full review for more information.

Our Honest Opinion

The Zebronics Alien Mouse looks classy and performs well. The only few cons we could mention about it is the lack of heft (which you may or may not prefer), the availability of only 6 programmable buttons and the inability to control the RED LED lights or the color changing Zebronics logo. These cons are not really deal breakers in any way but they do leave a slight impact on the overall user experience.

On the other hand, we do have a lot of pros too, like the sleeved cable, the metallic frame on the left side, the rubberized palm rest, the LED light, Dpi changer button and a gold plated USB connector among many others.

From our experience with the Alien mouse, we are convinced that it offers fantastic value for the money and under INR 700, we can’t really complain. Click here to get yours!