Qantas Vs Tesla Race Will Leave You in the Middle of Your Seats

A new Qantas Vs Tesla race has been flooding the internet. Apparently, it seems to be an advertisement campaign for the two companies working together for innovation and sustainability. The commercial involves a race between a Qantas Boeing 737-800 and a Tesla Model S P90D.

In the beginning of the Qantas Vs Tesla race, the Model S is switched on to Ludicrous Mode. Following this, the duel begins and the Model S heads in front of the 737 as expected. However, halfway through the race, the 737 meets the Model S.

It is a tight competition, but towards the end of the Qantas Vs Tesla race, the Model S beats the 737 and the plane takes off. Apparently, Tesla and Qantas are partnering up for what they say ‘innovation and Sustainability’.

Tesla Motors recently launched the Model 3 sedan, which is hyped to be a car for the common man. However, it amounts to around Rs 50 Lakh in India, which is not so common for people here. It could be a common car for Europeans or Americans, but that would still work only if Tesla ramps up the production process and reduces the cost of these cars when they come to sales.

For now, let’s see what Tesla and Qantas are planning to do.