UM Motorcycles Coming to India Soon

You can feel it even before you see it. There are robots to perform the ultimate welds, borescopes to search for imperfections, laser knives on the cutting edge and the human touch to create redefined perfection.

UM Motorcycles is a brand that was made in America and was first registered with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office by its establishers, in the early 2000’s.

UM Motorcycles has enchanted riders around the world with the sound, energy and freedom of their bikes. It is a pretty miraculous thing to see the whole part getting assembled to render our dream bike. As UM says, “A first-rate design is an amalgamation of utility, technology, human requirements & splendour to produce something unique for the world”. The UM Motorcycles produces eight models in sports version, three scooter models, three dual purpose bikes and four cruiser models which are the best selling.

The most breaking news is that UM Motorcycles is coming to India with a couple of its best models. The models are the cruiser type Renegade Limited, Renegade Commando, Renegade Sport and Renegade Duty. Among these, Commando, Limited classic and Sport are to be released in India along with a scooter which is named UM Flash.

UM Renegade Commando

The UM Renegade Commando’s low-level seat and wide handlebars were inspired by epoch American Cruisers which were built especially for long rides and cool placate. Commando is equipped with a mechanism for counterbalance and a 4-stroke single cylinder engine. The Renegade Commando growls like a big cat on the streets and runs faster exceeding our expectations. Conventional headlamps and extravagant chrome inflection take this bike for an inevitably sexy outline.

Underneath its buxom arc and sparkling chrome inflections, concealed deep within the earthy growl of its gorgeous engine is the unflinching strength of a combatant. It’s because of the kind of strength which people call as moral fibre; the Renegade Commando tends to mesmerize riders with the same kind of moral fibre. This bike has features like Blind Spot mirrors, USB charging port and much more interesting technologies loaded on it.

UM Motorcycles

UM Renegade Sport

The UM Sport leaves nothing on its way, but a legacy! The Renegade Sport merges safety innovations like blind spot mirrors, 360-degrees of LED visibility, an anti-flat system and our SAM maintenance alert system with modern amenities like its USB charging port.

SAM is like a co-pilot and maintenance consultant which is onboard. The UM designed the digital speedometer to caution the rider about everything from shift pace to fuel efficiency. The owner gets a notification when its time for routine maintenance to keep his mighty bike journeys smooth.

UM Motorcycles

UM Renegade Duty

The UM Renegade Duty looks tough, versatile and ready to work. There are no compromises when it comes to performance. The Duty is the whole thing a Renegade wants to grab the highway in fashion and safety. A descent design with the same 360-degree LED setup and blind spot mirrors is something that defines this gentle beast. There is another unique feature about this model! The anti-flat sealant keeps the rider on the warpath.

Anti-Flat Sealant! This is what it really does… You can have a lengthy, strapping bike ride without the being anxious about a flat tire from foreign objects like glass, screws or loose wreckage. This is an environment-friendly tire sealant that not only advances safety, but also assures it to 100%.

Yet another feature is the Comfort UMGel Seat of UM Duty that will take sufficient rough out of the craggy. UM has shaped the best ergonomic seats in the category of comfort to its riders. The internal conduit avoids futile pressure spots and the Gel Pad inserts offer the eventual comfort for those meticulous rides on rough terrain. The design slightly resembles the Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

UM Motorcycles

UM Renegade Limited

This beast from UM Motorcycles has an old school design. Before you start riding this bike ,you will feel that you belong to the vintage era! After the ignition of the engine, you are all set to feel the unique performance of the Renegade limited. The specification and features are all the same as the rest of the models! But the there is no word to describe the classic beauty of this wonderful piece of engineering. It resembles the Bajaj Avenger.

Though these motorcycles look good and feel good, the induction of a new brand in a competitive environment is a threat to UM. However, the brand will serve to be a savior for people who cannot afford enough to own a Harley or some other costly motorcycle.

UM Motorcycles