MAFIA III Release Date Revealed in New Story Trailer

Mafia III will launch on October 7, the publisher 2K announced today, while also confirming preorder bonuses and various special edition versions of the game. Furthermore, a new trailer has been released, providing a new look at the ’60s-set game’s story and characters.

The game was originally revealed back in Gamescom 2015 with a small teaser that showcased a new protagonist Lincoln Clay, a mixed race man who grew up an orphan and later fought in the Vietnam War before finding his way to New Orleans. Vito Scaletta, the main protagonist of Mafia II returns to the sequel as one of Lincoln’s Mafia family member.

Mafia III is set in New Bordeaux, a fictional setting of New Orleans, filed with era-inspired cars, fashion and music, and it is a “haven for organised crime.” The Italian mob controls illegal gambling, drugs, and prostitution, and corrupt police and politicians are on the payroll. The game also places a lot of emphasis on depicting the racism and prejudice against black people that was present in the Deep South in 1968, the year the game takes place. Developer Hangar 13 says the game does not intend to sensationalize racism.

IGN had hands on the Pre-Alpha version of Mafia III that showcased Gunplay, Takedown system, Driving System and more. You can watch the Hands-on gameplay here.

Mafia III will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is developed by new 2K studio Hangar 13, under the direction of Star Wars veteran Haden Blackman. You can watch the Mafia III One Way Road Story Trailer here.