Apple Hikes Prices of iPhones by 29%, Trolls Users

Apple’s recent strategy to improve the sales of its device takes an entirely opposite approach from its competitors. The company named after a fruit assumes that increasing the prices of its iPhones by almost 29% will make sure that they sell well.


Apple has always been known for its different approach to problems and this includes any scenario. Just like from the time when Apple generously offered a $15 discount and an instruction set about “how to hold your phone”, to its iPhone 4S users when they faced the antenna gate issue instead of rolling out devices which have the issue rectified.

Let’s Talk Facts – Apple Thinks You Are Stupid

  • Let us begin with the iPhone 5S, how can you hike the price of a handset that was launched almost 3 years ago? If that makes you cringe, hold on, there’s more!
  • Apple launched the iPhone SE 16GB variant for USD 300 and the 64GB variant for USD 400 in the United States but when it came to India, they priced the 16GB base variant at around INR 39,000.
  • A difference of around two times is simply unacceptable, especially when companies like Infocus and LeEco can sell their devices for prices very close to what they sell globally. Oh and by the way, Infocus is an American company and not a Chinese one.
  • While launching a 16GB base variant for INR 39,000 was in itself a huge letdown, Apple decided to price it two times higher than what it sells for in the States. To be honest, that’s as greedy as someone can get.

Here’s Why Apple Thinks You Are Dumb

  • When manufacturers are reducing the prices of their handset, Apple thinks its customers will buy anything Apple throws at them.
  • Look at the pricing chart, they priced the iPhone SE 16 GB for INR 39,000 while the much better iPhone 6S was available for around INR 41,000.
  • Apple just increased the price of its outdated model, the iPhone 5S, which it no longer officially sells through its websites. How can we let a company make changes to the prices of products it has officially stopped manufacturing?

So, What Exactly Are We Trying To Say?

To put it simply, we feel that it is not fair for any brand to hike its prices by around 29% which is around 1/3rd of the handset’s actual price. Tech enthusiasts strive to drive the prices down and if the major part of the consumers are okay with whatever a brand like Apple throws at them, it will just encourage manufacturers to do as they please instead of catering to a customer’s needs.

This kind of a price hike by Apple is unacceptable, especially when brands have shown us that the same level of engineering precision and build quality can be achieved for 1/4th of the price.