E3 2016: Microsoft May Bring Mobile Streaming for Xbox One Games

The information about Microsoft’s possible decision to stream Xbox One games on mobiles comes from the inclusion of the latest option to the Windows 10 Mobile Xbox app. The latest option “Play from console” was added in the previous update.

The addition of such an option hints that Microsoft may potentially allow users to stream Xbox One games. If Microsoft is actually planning on doing it, then what better place could it inaugurate it than E3 2016?

The option to stream games on mobiles is rather convincing since Microsoft also has such a streaming application for PCs which lets users access their Xbox One directly from their computer.

The option was spotted in the insider build of the Elite Dangerous app. As of now, the functionality doesn’t work, but we expect it to work in the upcoming updates.

At this point, we are uncertain where and how mobile streaming fits into the Microsoft family. We expect to get a hands-on with a working application soon.

Xbox mobile streaming 2

Microsoft is also planning on launching at least 2 new consoles. The first one is speculated to be named Xbox Slim, which is just an aesthetically improvised version of the existing Xbox One, while the second one is codenamed Scorpio.

It is stated that Microsoft has targeted to achieve at least 6 teraflops of graphical prowess with its upcoming console to make it VR compatible. Microsoft’s partnerships with Oculus could also possibly mean that this news is not all that far off from being a reality.

Stay with us for more updates regarding E3 2016.