The Ford Mustang in India – Yay or Nay?

The dream of seeing a Ford Mustang in India while driving in a Maruti Suzuki might be coming true for most of the car guys here. However, not many might choose to own one, since the car comes with many constraints. One of them is the lack of 4 doors, although it is a 4 seater.

Perks of Owning a Ford Mustang in India

  • The variant of the Ford Mustang in India is a Mustang GT. The ground clearance of this car is quite good compared to the other sports cars we see here. That is something good, because Indian roads are full of potholes and cars with a better ground clearance handle them well.
  • There is another good reason to own the Ford Mustang in India. The car is well-built and stronger than many other sports cars. It has a long hood and an extended boot, which protects the passengers in case of an emergency.
  • The price of the Ford Mustang in India is around 65 Lakhs. Not many people would want to buy the car here, and if you want to own something that stands out on the roads, it is a big bet.
  • This car is amazing to drive. It has everything a driver’s car needs. Power, performance, agility. Everything except that it is easy to control.

Cons of Owning a Ford Mustang in India

  • With a 4951cc engine, driving the Ford Mustang in India is not easy, especially if you are not used to driving sports cars. Even sports cars don’t come with such a huge engine here, and the Mustang is known for unleashing its raw power. One slight mistake while pressing the accelerator, and you might send the car into a spin. Like, literally.
  • The bigger the engine, the lesser the mileage. Especially if you are going to use the Ford Mustang in India as a daily, it is going to cost you a lot of fuel. In a country like UAE, driving a Mustang is good because the fuel is so cheap. In India, a liter of petrol costs way too much and you will regret buying this car if you hate spending money on fuel.
  • There are many other luxury cars which are more suited for Indian roads available at a much better price. So, if you are looking for something worth your money, then the Mustang GT again is not a good choice. It comes with raw power, but there are not many safety features included like the ones you would get in a Merc, Volvo or an Audi.
  • Though the car is a four seater, it has only two doors, and the passengers who want to sit in the rear must push the front seats to get in. The rear seats are also not very comfortable, except if the passengers are kids. However, it is good enough for extra luggage.

Our Verdict

If you are planning to drive around in a Ford Mustang in India, and it has always been your dream, then nothing can stop you from buying one, provided you have enough money to buy the car and feed it enough fuel. If you love driving, the machine is definitely built to thrill you.

However, you have to practice a lot before you start driving it on tightly packed Indian streets. On the highway, it is definitely an absolute killer.