Does the Honda CBR250RR Live Up to its Extra ‘R’?

The covers are off and the behemoth is here! Yes, we are talking about the Honda CBR250RR, which was unveiled at a Honda event in Indonesia recently. Honda’s flagship performance machine has entered the battle of the consumer superbike division competing with the likes of the Kawasaki Ninja 250, Yamaha R25 and of course the KTM Duke RC390. So does this mean the end for the existing 250R? Nope, the Honda CBR250RR will be sold along with the existing 250 as its bigger and beefier older brother obviously bigger and beefier means higher price tag. Let’s take a look at the bike, shall we?

Design and Styling

The final product resembles the concept that was given to us in 2015 at the Japan motor show. Honda has definitely upped its design game with the Honda CBR250RR. The black and red edition of the bike resembled the Robocop bike. The lines look edgy and aggressive and the design looks very edgy. It pays an homage to its CBR roots by retaining the dual front lights but getting more oomph due to the cool LED eyebrows.

The console is completely digital which is a norm for all road safe superbikes but this just looks cool. The neon blue coloring just screams at you and totally adds to the Robocop vibe that this bike gives off. It has the usual knick knacks like trip meters, odometer and all that jazz but an addition that we can see go viral and all over Facebook and Instagram is the feature that allows you to record your personal high speed.

The wheels are a sleek aluminum alloy wheels which are colored black and have racing lines which look cool. The rear seat, however, gets a little bit of a change. It is certainly higher than the old CBR model and is somewhat of a ripoff from the R15 v2.0 but goes with the sportier and racier look they were going for with the CBR250RR. With a racier look, the seating posture also has a difference. The Honda CBR250RR has clip-on handlebars, the rear foot pegs are pushed back further, so the seating posture has a more track oriented seating position. Let’s move on to the section that we are all waiting for

Engine and Specs

So what is the Honda CBR250RR packing under the tank? It has a 250cc, 8-valve liquid cooled parallel twin DOHC engine. The power output hasn’t been disclosed yet but we estimate it to be 36-40 Bhp. You might think this isn’t interesting, but here’s the kicker.

Honda introduces throttle by wire and what comes with that is 3 driving modes that optimize the engine performance according to the driving conditions. Clear details on these driving modes will be available when it is close to the commencement of sales. The Honda CBR250RR uses a USD suspension setup at the front and a pro-link suspension with a 5 step preload at the back.

When it comes to brakes at the front, we have a 310mm wavy disc and at the back a 240mm wavy disc brake as well. Dual-channel ABS comes as an add-on with the bike. Another notable difference to the 250RR is the addition of a dual exhaust pipe. These are the deets that have come out about the Honda CBR250RR, so let us know if are you excited seeing this Robocop-esque bike?