The Transit Elevated Bus Is Real; China Was Not Kidding!

A few years back, China revealed a concept of a bus that moves above the traffic while cars move under it. Christened as the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), this vehicle has been unveiled for real in China today and it even had its test run.

There are many things that are amazing about the Transit Elevated Bus. Firstly, it can transport a huge number of people. That is more like 300 people for a single bus. It is also wide enough to even transport cars. Secondly, it uses electricity to run and can reach a speed of 40 miles per hour.

The length of this mammoth-sized bus is 72 feet and its width is 25 feet. Though the vehicle is not ready to hit roads yet, countries like Brazil, France, India and Indonesia are planning to make their own versions of the Transit Elevated Bus after getting China’s consent.

In countries where population is a problem, traffic is a problem too. Commuters prefer private transport over mass transport, since mass transport is again congested, making private transport the better option, even though they have to go through traffic. While a normal bus can accommodate around 30 people, the Transit Elevated Bus can accommodate 10 times that amount, while allowing traffic to flow under it.

However, there will be many practical difficulties when it comes to a real-time implementation of the TEB. One thing we are concerned about is how this thing would turn. Not all roads are straight, especially in India, and for such a huge vehicle to turn with traffic moving under it, a lot of engineering is required.

Nevertheless, we will never fail to accept that this is one amazing concept for the future of mass transportation and that it is definitely a disruption in the technology of transportation.