Tesla Autopilot Saves Owner’s Life By Driving Him to Hospital

When Joshua Neally, a 37-year-old attorney was heading home from office to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, little did he know what was coming. With the Tesla Autopilot feature turned on in his Model X, this man was relaxing in the driver’s seat when he suddenly felt a severe pain in his chest.

He directed the Tesla autopilot to the nearest hospital, which was 20 miles away, and managed to drive into the parking lot and check-in for an emergency checkup. Luckily, he reached home late that night, thanks to Elon Musk.

The Tesla autopilot system wooed everyone the day it was showcased with the Model X, but most people did not understand that it would save lives. While autopilot systems can save lives by avoiding accidents, no one expected something like this to happen.

The Model X also comes with a biodefense mode, and we guess someone will tell a story that it saved their lives quite soon. But autopilot systems also have their own disadvantages as well. One major disadvantage is that they will create a huge job loss for people who earn a living by driving. As in this case, the Model X took the role of an ambulance without a driver and executed it perfectly.

Tesla Model X Autopilot 1

Though autopilot systems are not fully out on the road, except in a few cars like the Model X, they could make it to a lot of production models soon, although it could only be expected in luxury cars. They could be life savers if they work fine, but they could also be life takers if they run haphazard.

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