iPhone 7 to Feature Capacitive Button with a Buzz Word and 3D Touch

The amount of speculations and rumors surrounding the  Apple iPhone 7 is increasing every day. In one of today’s leaks, we understood that the next iPhone 7 may very well feature a touch capacitive button instead of Apple’s signature hardware button. This is great news for people who like buzz words because whenever Apple reinvents something new, they always make a genuine effort to name it something different to make sure it stands out from the crowd whilst being the same as the crowd.

It is speculated that Apple will be replacing the hardware button with a touch capacitive button by placing the Touch ID underneath the capacitive button much like the Moto G4, Lenovo Zuk Z1 or the OnePlus Three. The only difference here is the authentic buzz word it will call with and the possibility that it may feature Apple’s calibrated haptic mechanism (3D touch) to give the illusion of a physical button.

Apple will also incorporate revolutionary features in the iPhone 7 like waking up the screen by just touching the Touch ID instead of pressing it. The same Touch ID will also act as a capacitive home button. Now you don’t have to press buttons, instead you just gently touch the home button and you will be navigated to the home screen. While this may sound like something that was available with the most basic Android handsets from the 2010 for an Android user, it is truly revolutionary and innovative for an iPhone user.

iPhone 7 2

We really hope to see this feature in the upcoming iPhones since it will aid in waterproofing the device by closing any potential crevices through which water can flow in.

What do you think about this new revolutionary feature?  Do you think it’s just another speculation or is there a high possibility that this could be legit? Let us know in the comments section below!