iOS 10 Beta 5 Hits iPhones Now; Ready to Update

Apple is making arrangements to release its iOS 10 Beta 5 to the developers to test it out on the iPhones and what’s interesting is that Apple is ready to release the same build to eager users as well. The iOS 10 Beta 5 release comes right after the Beta 4 release that commenced a week earlier, making it one of the fastest OS updates Apple has ever rolled out in succession. It is also expected that this will be the last Beta release for the iOS 10 and a Final build is expected shortly after this release to ensure that iOS 10 makes it on time to the WWDC 2016.

The strategy to roll out the Beta update to eager users should also fall in Apple’s favour by providing them with a lot of real-life scenarios to test the update against.

The iOS 10 Beta 5 update will arrive as an OTA (over the air) update to the existing Beta 4 users to make sure that the transition is hassle free. However, it should be noted that users are requested to take prior backup of their media and contacts before opting to update their iPhones.

Here is a mini Change log highlighting the notable changes between Beta 4 and Beta 5:

a) Users can continue to play Music through the third party apps even if the Music app is removed.
b) Bluetooth LE-based hearing aids will no longer drop out when used in conjunction with the Apple Watch.
c) App Store no longer requires you to re-enter the Apple ID and password to login again after a reboot.
d) Using Speaker for calls will only be temporary and the action will not be remembered for the calls received or placed later.
e) Enhanced keyboard tones and new lock sounds have been added.
f) The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case will no longer cause “panic” when used with the iPhone.
g) “Pass update” banners will be shown even if the previous banners are not cleared from the notification centre.
h) Camera launch for launch screen has been simplified.
i) A lot of other minor bugs have been fixed.
j) A couple of minor bugs (assuming them to be minor) have probably been injected to be fixed later in the next Beta or iOS 11.

ios 10 beta 5

What do you think about the iOS 10 Beta 5 update? Will you opt to update your iPhone to be one of the first to receive the update or will you hold it until a stable release comes out? Do let us know in the comments section below.