HP Spectre Beats the Macbook to Become World’s Thinnest Laptop

We hate to break this to the Apple fanboys, but HP has officially made history by releasing the world’s thinnest laptop. Named as the HP Spectre (probably derived from the James Bond movie title), this is not only the world’s thinnest laptop, but also the most beautiful. Yes, it is thinner than the Apple Macbook Pro.

Luxurious Design

The HP Spectre is designed with an excellent combination of black and gold, which makes it look royal. The whole laptop is just 10.4 mm thick, and that is just a little above a centimeter. Owing to this extremely thin design, the ports are located on the front side of the laptop, and there are none on the sides.

Diagonally, the laptop measures 13 inches and weighs just around 1.1 kilograms. The island-style keyboard is backlit with gold-colored light and the trackpad is made of glass. What’s more amazing is that this is one of the first laptops to feature a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 display. The hinges that connect the base with the screen are also neatly designed such that they are hidden.


The specifications are not very enthralling. The HP Spectre comes with only USB type-C ports, again taking on Apple in its game. The processor is a 6th generation Intel® Core™ i7-6500U with a clock speed of 2.5GHz that can be turbo boosted to 3.1 GHz and with 4 GB of cache. The standard is an 8GB RAM and for video graphics, it is just the normal Intel HD 250. The hard drive is a 512 GB SSD, which is the only thing that we could nod our head to.

If you are very interested in seeing the specifications and getting disappointed, then you can see it here. There is also another version of the HP Spectre laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor that comes at a cheaper price.

Our Verdict

We think that HP wanted to go out and prove its mettle that it could beat Apple and own the record for making the world’s thinnest laptop. The company did that, and we must definitely congratulate HP for that. But given the price of the laptop, the specifications didn’t really blow our minds off. We understand that it is impossible to create an ultra-thin laptop with gaming-level performance, so HP has done a great job with this.

The HP Spectre is not the laptop you want, but definitely not the laptop you need, especially if you are a gamer or a profuse user. However, if you want to own a laptop that slays and if you have a lot of money, we recommend you hurry up and get one before it gets off the shelves.