Our Take on the Apple Watch 2 – Much Ado about Nothing!

This is going to be extremely simple, since there isn’t much to say. The Apple Watch 2 comes with a similar design and similar straps. You can probably use your old straps for the new Watch (if you can afford another one).

The Apple Watch 2 comes loaded with features like Pokemon GO and GPS, yes, we clapped too (sarcasm intended). The phone also features a better and brighter display for sunlight legibility. It can be submerged up to 50 metres in water and the speakers can expel water out from the vents when removed from the water (to be honest, it’s something obvious and doesn’t need to be mentioned).

The device also features a new dual-core processor coupled with a better GPU to breeze through the minimal UI. The new Apple Watch also features a new SOS feature which can alert the pre-designated users when the wearer is in danger. (we have had features like this in phones since the Samsung E250 days, *yawns*).

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch 2 also comes with a special edition Nike Plus flavor which hugely differs from the generic Watch 2 by employing perforated straps. Apple never ceases to show its ingenuity, we would even go as far to say that Apple should be applauded for inventing a breathable perforated design (sarcasm intended). The Nike watch will also feature a nausea-inducing green color tone to the texts and fonts, which you can easily change as soon as you get your hands on the Watch.

Apple will also employ its innovative marketing tactics to make sure that the perforated bands and the green colored fonts on the generic Apple Watch

Finally, Apple stated that it has decided to re-release the original watch with the better processor and the refined Watch OS 3 update to make sure its extra unsold units are sold for a profit.