Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Have ATL Batteries Used in Apple Devices

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been ridiculed and humiliated for its explosive super power for a while now. While the performance is admirable, the vulnerability is an unreliable battery that has forced even the aircraft to impose warnings to its users about turning the phone at all times when it is inside the plane. With that said, Samsung hasn’t turned a blind eye to this issue either. The company has taken this very seriously and has already begun taking actions to relaunch the Galaxy Note 7 with an entirely new battery module.

Reuters stated that the battery will be made by ATL, also known as Ampere Technology Limited. So far, SDI, a Samsung subsidiary has been supplying the batteries for 2/3rd of the Galaxy Note 7 present in the market while the rest of the Galaxy Note 7 have been powered by ATL.

The probable deal with ATL was inferred from the statement by Joe Kit Chu, Chief Operating Officer for ATL where he stated that the firm received a “Significant increase” in business this month.

Galaxy Note 7
Exploded Galaxy Note 7

It is also worth noting that ATL also provides battery packs for Apple’s devices. So there you go, we hope you feel better that the next Galaxy Note 7 you are going to buy will feature a reliable battery pack (unless you are somehow an Apple hater, then you may not feel relieved).