iPhone 7 Plus and Jet Black iPhone 7 Sold Out in Pre-Orders – Apple

Are you bored with your old pink toy? Are you excited to get your new shiny Jet Black iPhone from iPhone? Well, you can’t! At least that’s what Apple is intending to convey. It appears that the iPhone 7 Plus and the higher capacity variants of the iPhone 7 lineup have been completely sold out during the pre-orders. The exclusive Jet Black iPhone 7 will not be available in brick and mortar stores as well.

In spite of not providing us with any official sales number, Apple hints that the iPhone 7 series is breaking its pre-orders records with an ever growing sales number. It’s no surprise that the Apple iPhone 7 series is taking the market by storm. The magenta carrier, T-Mobile also boasted about the sales of the iPhone 7 duo handsets a couple of days earlier.

The information from Apple states that no variant of the iPhone 7 Plus will be available in any stores and only a few of the iPhone 7 will be available. This should come as a disappointment to the users lining up (camping) outside Apple stores to get their hands on their new toy.

The Jet Black variant sold out like hot cakes, in spite of the obvious drawbacks with the Jet Black variant which features a super scratchable glossy finish and the inherent logical flaw in Apple recommend a case to protect your shiny black iPhone thereby denying you of the exclusivity and the wow factor the Jet Black stands for.

iPhone 7 Plus

It is also important to note that all the above information applies only to the brick and mortar stores. The iPhone 7 Plus may still be available with a lot of third-party carriers or if you are not in a worry, you can also book one online and wait till stocks replenish.